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In various parts of Bhutan, the beginning of the twelfth lunar month is celebrated as the Bhutanese New Year in Bhutan. In Bhutan, the day is also known as the Traditional Day of Offering. It is believed that on this day, bhutanese people offered their annual rice offerings to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in Punakha.

According to some accounts, the Trongsa Penlop took charge of guiding the representatives from eight eastern regions during their offerings, while the Paro Penlop managed the people of western Bhutan, and the Darkar Ponlop supervised those from the south.There is a belief that even before the unification of Bhutan, many valleys celebrated this day as the New Year.

Chunyipai Losar is mainly celebrated in eastern Bhutan, known locally as Sharchokpé Losar. However, its observance has expanded beyond the east due to increased communication, migration, and intermarriages throughout Bhutan.

Despite its roots in the east, people from all over the country now partake in this New Year celebration. Similar to other Bhutanese festivals tied to seasons, Chunyipai Losar coincides with the Winter Solstice, occurring after the completion of one agricultural season and before the commencement of the next harvest cycle.

This makes it a seasonal celebration that resonates well with the agrarian population.

Glimpse of Chunyipai Losar (Bhutanese New Year)

In the past, Chunyipai Losar was a multi-day celebration filled with lively family gatherings with hearty feasts, fun games, and evening celebrations. Traditionally, men were involved in activities such as archery, while women stayed at home. It brought the whole family together. The evening looked lively as the people in the community danced to traditional songs.

The festival has now evolved and allows families to have a picnic lunch as part of the celebration. Although Chunyapai Losar was temporarily stripped of its national holiday status, it has now been restored, bringing new cultural significance and celebration throughout the country.

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